Saturday, January 18, 2014

Enduring the Winter

Alright this is my absolute last attempt to use my personal blog. I have entitled this post enduring the winter. I use to be such a winter girl. I could not wait to be wrapped in layers of clothes and breathe in the cool winds.. but I guess age is catching up to me or at least something has changed because this girl is cold. So stinkin cold. But I haven't entitled this enduring the winter just because of the frigid crazy one we have had so far this year. I have also selected that title because of another winter that we have been enduring here in our home. Right before Christmas it seemed everything started to go financially high wire. (of course right before Christmas) Now I know you all are thinking, especially if you know me, that I was probably in full panic attack mode, crying, grumpy, worried like crazy.. and there have been those moments for sure believe me but this time I have felt a peace. I have suddenly realized that "Winter" in fact is just a season. I actually looked up the word winter and looked for its origins etc. I have found that one of its definitions is - a time of decay or deterioration. I found that to be the perfect definiton for the current season for us. But it seemed rather depressing to just leave it that way so then I looked up "decay" again depressing defined as - rot, the gradual decline into something inferior etc. Then a scripture slammed me in the face John 3:30 He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. Could it be that in these wintery seasons that the Lord truly just brings them about to get attention and slap us around that we have to become less so He can be more. I am not absolutely sure that is always we go through such seasons but I can tell from personal experience (sadly lts of it) that every single time my family has experienced a winter we are always able to look back and see how He came through in mighty ways, ways that may not have happened unless we had been broken down a bit or sometimes broken down with no where to look but to Him. So here we are Winter and I seriously have been freezing, and achy even from how frigid it has been. Yet when I sit inside under my warm blankie and watch the snow fall it brings peace in my heart, when ice storms came and the 16 inches of snow after my family and I hunkered down for card games, cocoa, movies, cuddles things we had not done all together in months. We are still going through the Winter but God is starting to shovel us out :) Until then we will just try to endure and praise Him and rejoice in what comes. (oh and just honestly there may still be a few small panic attacks in the midst jsut keeping it real)